Decision of the Board of Regulators on the BEREC Expert Working Groups

Document number: BoR/2018/09
Document date: 07.12.2018
Date of registration: 12.12.2018
Document type: BEREC Decisions
Author: BEREC

Article 11 (1) of the Rules of Procedure (BoR (14) 213) of the Board of Regulators provides that the BoR “may decide to create Expert Working Groups to assist with the performance of the tasks and functions of BEREC and request the Office to provide support.

The decision re-establishes and re-configures the Expert Working Groups for the period 2019-2020 based on the outcome of the workshop and discussions in the Plenary in Portoroz.

As foreseen by Article 11(3) of the BoR Rules of Procedure and Article 1(11) of the BEREC Internal Guidelines on the operation of EWGs the mandate of the EWG-Co-chairs named in the draft decision shall start on the 1st of January 2019 for a term of two civil years.