Decision of the Board of Regulators on BEREC Expert Working Groups

Document number: BoR/2014/2
Document date: 25.09.2014
Date of registration: 29.09.2014
Document type: BEREC Decisions
Author: BEREC

Article 11 of the Rules of Procedure of the Board of regulators (BoR) provides that the BoR may decide to create EWGs to assist BEREC with the performance of its tasks and functions. That provision also requires the designation of each Chair of the EWG by the BoR.

In order to implement the BEREC WP 2014 the BoR already decided to establish 12 EWGs, the chairs of which were nominated by Decision BoR/2014/1. In the summer of 2014 it became known that the nominated Chair of the Remedies EWG would not able to continue to chair the Remedies EWG.

In the light of the provisions of the last paragraph of the decision mentioned above the BEREC Chair appointed a Chair of the EWG on an interim bases until the next BoR meeting, scheduled for 25-26 September 2014 and proposed to the BoR to consider a formal appointment during its 20th plenary meeting.

Furthermore, the BoR winds up the Evaluation EWG, which received discharge for its activity during the Dublin plenary and its existence is no longer justified. During its 20th plenary meeting the BoR agreed with the proposals of the Chair and approved the decision provided below.

The current Decision replaced Decision BoR/2014/1 and enters into force on the day of its adoption, namely 25 September 2014.