Outline of the 2015 BEREC Work Programme

Document number: BoR (14) 76
Document date: 27.05.2014
Date of registration: 02.06.2014
Document type: BEREC Strategies and Work Programmes
Author: 2015 BEREC Chair

According to Article14 of the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Regulators (BoR) the draft Work Programme of BEREC has to be prepared by the Chair with the assistance of the Office and, if required,  with the involvement of the Expert Working Groups (EWGs). All Members and Observers can make proposals to the Chair. The draft Work Programme has to be submitted for the consideration and comments by the Members and Observers through the Contact Network, after which an amended draft shall be submitted for approval by the BoR.

In that respect the 2015 BEREC Chair initiated the preparation of the 2015 BEREC Work Programme. Accordingly, a call for input has been sent to EWG Chairs, the Commission, the NRAs, stakeholders and the BEREC Office regarding the main areas and specific topics or issues to be included in the 2015 Work Programme, including possible desired deliverables. The 2015 Chair has received 15 inputs on the basis of which she has prepared a draft outline of the 2015 WP, which was presented to the Contact Network during its 2nd meeting for 2014 (15-16 May 2014, Lisbon).  After the Contact Network meeting the NRAs were asked to determine those areas, which they consider as a must in the 2015 BEREC Works Programme, very important or interesting, if there is time.

The outcome of this exercise of the will be presented for discussion at the Dublin Plenary.

The draft 2015 BEREC Work Programme will be presented for approval for public consultation at the 20th BoR plenary meeting (September 2014) and for final approval at the 21st BoR meeting (December 2014).