Call for tenders for procuring travel reimbursement services to the BEREC Office

The Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) based in Riga, Latvia, invites all interested economic operations to submit tenders for the on-going open tendering procedure for the provision of reimbursement services of travel/accommodation expenses for experts participating in BEREC events.

The objective of the framework contract is provision of services related to reimbursement of travel, subsistence and other expenses incurred in the course of journeys made by persons not employed by the BEREC Office and invited to attend meetings in an expert capacity.

The contractor will be requested to collect via designated email address all the supporting documents necessary for processing applications for reimbursement of the travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred in the course of journeys made by persons not employed by contracting authority and invited to attend meetings in an expert capacity, to prepare the calculation of the amount due and to reimburse the eligible participants to the bank account of the national regulatory authority concerned or other bank accounts specified in case of reimbursement of private experts.

Estimated total value excluding VAT: 3 000 000.00 EUR

Deadline to submit tenders is 6 January 2020 11:00 (Riga time).

More information and related documents to the tender 

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