Public procurement at the EU institutions training session

One of the tasks of the BEREC Office as decentralised Agency of the EU is to bring the EU closer to the citizens. Therefore the BEREC Office, in close cooperation with the Latvian authorities and other EU Institutions, develops and implements projects in support to the local community in the host member state – the Republic of Latvia.

To establish sufficient capacity in the local businesses to submit high quality tenders to the BEREC Office and to enable the economic operators to understand the difference between the Latvian and  EU rules on procurement, on 18 September 2019 the Agency organised together with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economy and Procurement Monitoring Bureau a training for the economic operators on EU public procurement.

Agenda for the training session.

The training is supported by the European Commission and the Council of the EU and covers the following subjects:

  • Introduction to the area of business of BEREC and the role of the BEREC Office – presentation by the BEREC Office Director;
  • General overview of the legal framework of the Agency for Support for BEREC - presentation by the BEREC Office;
  • Specificity of the procurement rules at EU Institutions and Agencies, with a focus on the specificities of the BEREC Office - presentation by the Secretariat General of the Council of the EU;
  • Electronic exchange and submission of documents and use of TED eTendering by the economic operators – presentation by DG DIGIT, European Commission;
  • Comparison of Latvian and EU public procurement – presentation by the BEREC Office and the Latvian Procurement Monitoring Bureau.

Below you can find videos from the procurement training.

Specificity of the procurement rules for EU institutions and EU Agencies with a focus on the specificities of the BEREC Office​

Training on TED e-tendering and e-submission module by DG DIGIT

Closing remarks from the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia and the Director of the BEREC Office

More information about the public procurement steps at the BEREC Office and respective guidelines, please find here.