Regulatory Accounting Expert Working Group

The yearly produced report on regulatory accounting to assess the level of harmonisation will be continued. During the consultation of the work programme stakeholders will be specifically asked on which fields harmonisation is important, according to their view.

The yearly report shows again that the level of harmonisation has increased furthermore. Despite this, differences among Member States may arise from different ways in which the same regulatory accounting approach has been implemented. Therefore, for the 2011 report BEREC also analysed the reasons why NRAs choose one implementation approach rather than another. Nevertheless the Commission restated the need to work on consistent regulatory accounting for key access products across Europe. BEREC will continue to pave the way on this subject and broaden the yearly report furthermore during 2012, building on European best practices and tackling the several issues identified in notified market analysis decisions and co-operate with the Commission’s services on a document on cost methodologies for consistent access prices. It can also benefit from the output of the Expert Working Groups on both termination rates and the NGA-EWG. To broaden the scope, the question of NGA cost accounting shall also be examined.

Furthermore, the Commission has announced to issue a recommendation for costing methodologies for key access products on which BEREC is going to provide an opinion.