Roaming and Mobile Expert Working Group

The Roaming Regulation has, with a further decrease in the level of the price caps in July 2011, resulted in more transparency and harmonised lower tariffs for end-users in the whole European Union. BEREC will continue to monitor the evolution of the market and the implementation of the Regulation and will report periodically on this in regular Benchmark Reports. 

In July 2011, the European Commission published a review of the functioning of the current Regulation, including legislative proposals to extend the Regulation in duration and scope after the current Regulation expires in June 2012.

To support consideration of the issues raised by the Commission’s proposals BEREC published an analysis of the draft Regulation in August 2011. Previously, BEREC had provided input to the Commission’s review of the current Regulation (December 2010 Report, February 2011 response to the Commission’s consultation). As such, BEREC has investigated the likely need for further regulation and analysed different forms which any such regulation could take, the advantages and disadvantages of each for consumers, the effects on the competitive landscape and any spill-over effects into national markets. This includes consideration of the target set in the European Digital Agenda for the difference in roaming prices and domestic prices to approach zero by 2015.