Regulators have important role in supporting investment and innovation - BEREC Vice-Chair L. Kozlowska at New Direction Digital Summit

14 October 2015

On 14th October, New Direction - The Foundation for European Reform held the Digital Summit in Brussels, Belgium. The BEREC Vice-Chair, Ms. Lidia Kozłowska attended the conference on behalf of the BEREC Chair 2015 Professor Fatima Barros. The event brought together major thinkers from the public and private sectors to debate the public policy responses necessary to ensure that Europe fully adapts to the digitization of the economy and that it is harnessed to enhance competitiveness, drive growth and job creation.

Ms. Kozłowska took part in the discussion on how regulation can encourage investment in networks. BEREC Vice-Chair talked about the important role of regulators in supporting investment and innovation, she also addressed the issue of regulatory predictability, return on investment and state aid that is an important tool to stimulate roll-out of networks in sparsely populated areas.