BEREC Chair at the APDC Digital Business Summit gives the keynote speech on the Digital Single Market

07 July 2015

On 7 July, 2015 APDC (Portuguese Communications Development Association) held the Digital Business Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. The BEREC Chair 2015, Fatima Barros gave the keynote speech on the Digital Single Market, also stressing the recent agreement among the Council and the European Parliament on the Telecom Single Market, namely the abolishment of roaming tariffs by 2017 and the advancements on net neutrality. The BEREC Chair emphasized that roaming has been a complex topic in Europe, and that the agreed time framework is short. Fatima Barros also highlighted the challenges ahead of regulators, highlighting the need not creating gaps in regulation while avoiding over-regulation. 
The Digital Business Summit gathered together all players in the digital ecosystem – operators, consumers and regulator for a debate on goals and objectives, as well as the role of European regulation.
Photo gallery from the Digital Business Summit.

The BEREC Chair Fatima Barros presentation (in Portuguese)