The Register is structured chronologically and covers all categories of the documents issued by BEREC and the BEREC Office. Particularly, documents are organized into the following major categories:

The register has been operational since 1 August 2012 and is maintained only electronically by the BEREC Office.
More information on its management can be obtained through the relevant transparency rules published on the current web page.

Document number Document date Document title Document author
BoR (17) 40 24 February 2017 Summary report on the outcomes of the workshop on IoT technologies and their impact on regulation BEREC
BoR (17) 39 23 February 2017 Report on the implementation of symmetric regulation: description of existing practices and consideration of future challenges BEREC
BoR (17) 37 10 February 2017 11th Assessment Report on Article 7 / 7a Phase II Cases – Conclusions BEREC Office
BoR (16) 218 08 December 2016 Termination rates at European level July 2016 BEREC
BoR (16) 214 08 December 2016 BEREC Report on the outcomes of the public consultation on the draft Work Programme for 2017 BEREC
BoR (16) 243 02 December 2016 BEREC report on outcomes of the BEREC expert workshop on IP-Interconnection in co-operation with the OECD BEREC
BoR (16) 226 30 November 2016 BEREC Report on a review of the cross-border regulatory cooperation process within the scope of Article 28(2) of the Universal Service Directive BEREC
BoR (16) 219 25 November 2016 Monitoring implementation of the BEREC CP WLA, WCA,WHQAFL - Phase 3 BEREC
BoR (16) 217 25 November 2016 BEREC Report on Transparency and Comparability of International Roaming Tariffs BEREC
BoR (16) 224 25 November 2016 Review of the Internal Guidelines for the elaboration of BEREC Opinions in Article 7/7a Phase II cases BEREC
BoR (16) 159 06 October 2016 BEREC Report Regulatory Accounting in Practice 2016 BEREC
BoR (16) 161 06 October 2016 BEREC Report on the outcome of the Public Consultation on the draft BEREC Common Position on Layer 2 Wholesale Access Products BEREC
BoR (16) 164 06 October 2016 Overview of the regulatory treatments of termination rates for voice calls originated outside the EEA and their impacts on cross-border traffic and settlements BEREC
BoR (16) 163 06 October 2016 BEREC Report Case Studies on Migration from POTS/ISDN to IP on the Subscriber Access Line in Europe BEREC
BoR (16) 170 06 October 2016 BEREC Report on the Public Consultation of the Draft Document “Challenges and drivers of NGA rollout and infrastructure competition” BEREC
BoR (16) 171 06 October 2016 BEREC report “Challenges and drivers of NGA rollout and infrastructure competition” BEREC
BoR (16) 172 06 October 2016 Follow-up Internal BEREC Report on Oligopoly Analysis and Regulation BEREC
BoR (16) 173 06 October 2016 BEREC Report on new bundles trends BEREC
BoR (16) 174 06 October 2016 BEREC International Mission to the United States 2016 BEREC
BoR (16) 160 23 September 2016 International Roaming BEREC Benchmark Data Report October 2015 – March 2016 BEREC