The Register is structured chronologically and covers all categories of the documents issued by BEREC and the BEREC Office. Particularly, documents are organized into the following major categories:

The register has been operational since 1 August 2012 and is maintained only electronically by the BEREC Office.
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Document number Document date Document title Document author
BoR (16) 04 22 January 2016 List of the Members and Observers of the Board of Regulators established pursuant to Article 4 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 1211/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2009 establishing BEREC and the Office BEREC Office
BoR (16) 11 21 January 2016 Regulatory implications ETSI NFV ISG
BoR (16) 10 21 January 2016 Regulatory Implications of SDN & NFV: An ONF Perspective ONF
BoR (16) 09 21 January 2016 BEREC Workshop on “Regulatory Implications of SDN and NFV” - Introduction BEREC
BoR (16) 08 21 January 2016 Agenda for public BEREC expert workshop on Regulatory Implications of Software-Defined Networking BEREC
BoR (16) 12 21 January 2016 Impact of SDN and NFV on Carrier Ethernet Service Standards and Regulation MEF
BoR (16) 13 21 January 2016 Colt DCNet on Demand SDN service, implementation & pricing, on net and off net Colt
BoR (16) 03 21 January 2016 Communication concerning a new Member of the Board of Regulators from the Finnish NRA – FICORA The Director of the Finnish NRA - FICORA
BoR (16) 14 21 January 2016 Enhancements to network efficiency and a dramatic cost cut in production by using SDN / NFV in Next Generation Access Networks QSC AG
BoR (16) 15 21 January 2016 Exploring the Regulatory Implications of Software Networks Telefonica
BoR (16) 16 21 January 2016 SDN, NV & NFV in broadband networks Nokia
BoR (16) 17 21 January 2016 Regulatory Implications of SDN and NFV in an unbundled network Fujitsu
BoR (16) 18 21 January 2016 Network Softwerization Impact Hewlett Packard Enterprise
BoR (16) 23 21 January 2016 Presentation on draft BEREC report on enabling the IoT BEREC
BoR (16) 02 18 January 2016 Launch of the comments round on BEREC Opinion Art.7/7a Phase II case DE/2015/1816 BEREC
BoR (16) 21 15 January 2016 Letter from the Bureau de développement des télécommunications of ITU to the BEREC Chair ITU
BoR (16) 53 15 January 2016 Invitation from the BDT to the BEREC Chair for the "16ème Colloque mondial des régulateurs (GSR), Charm el‐Cheikh (Egypte)", from 11 to 14 May 2016 Bureau de développement des télécommunications (BDT)
BoR (16) 01 12 January 2016 Digital Europe: European and national policies to drive investments, market developments and competition. The Role of Regulation BEREC Chair
BoR (15) 231 21 December 2015 Letter to the Commission containing information on termination rates BEREC Chair
BoR (15) 230 18 December 2015 Letter from ENISA to BEREC as a member of the ENISA Permanent Stakeholders Group ENISA