Next Generation Networks Expert Working Group

Co-Chairs: Representatives of BnetzA/Bundesnetzagentur andRTR/Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs

In its opinion on the draft NGA Recommendation BEREC stressed that regulatory certainty and consistency are crucial in order to foster a competitive environment for long-term investment in NGA. This follows the view that competition between independent infrastructures should be the primary target for sustainable competition. During 2011 the work has continued on following the various implementations in the Member States. BEREC will keep track of NGA roll out and has already committed to deepen its analysis so as to better understand the rationale for differences in national implementations. This analysis will be extended as further national decisions are taken. As additional result various access models will be looked at, and this, in the long-term will lead to recommendations of best practices or guidelines for the access procedures and models. This work is related to the forthcoming update of the Common Positions on Wholesale Broadband Access and Unbundled local loop (in cooperation with the Remedies EWG).

BEREC is also committed to continue its analysis of proportionate remedies aiming at best practices in the light of the trends identified in this report including increased complexity and variety of local market conditions.

BEREC had started to look into the current IP interconnection agreements (peering/transit) between market parties, which may affect net neutrality issues. The development of the market, including any commercial arrangements, should be followed closely so that regulatory or other interventions can be initiated if the future progress so requires.


See more on this in the BEREC Work programme 2012 Chapter 3.5 and 3.6.


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