Benchmarking Expert Working Group

Chair: CMT/Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones)

In order to monitor harmonisation it is important to collect data and compare the evolution of markets in different countries. BEREC produces benchmarks itself but also co-operates with the European Commission and ComCom. During 2012 BEREC will continue this co-operation. The BEREC regulation requires BEREC to monitor and report on the electronic communications sector, and publish an annual report on developments in the sector. Benchmarks will also be used for that purpose. Furthermore, having the BEREC Office at its disposal to assist on the production of benchmarks, BEREC will have the chance to evaluate its own benchmarks and the co-operation with other organisations. During 2012 BEREC will build up on the results of the strategic review of its current activities related to benchmarking and also include fixed termination rates and SMS Termination rates for benchmarking purposes as well as evaluating to include further Benchmark exercises in the future.

See more on this in the BEREC Work programme 2012 Chapter 4.4.


BoR (12) 56 Termination rates (TR) benchmark snapshot (integrated report), as of January 2012

BoR (11) 57 FTR Benchmark snapshot (as of January 2011)

BoR (11) 35  MTR Benchmark snapshot July 2011 – Corrigendum

BoR (11) 36 SMS Benchmark snapshot January 2011

BoR (11) 27 MTR Benchmark snapshot (as of January 2011)

BoR (10) 45 MTR Benchmark snapshot (as of July 2010)

BoR (10) 30rev1 MTR Benchmark Snapshot (as of January 2010)